Come Clean…reveal yourself

I had some ‘come clean’ moments with the people in my LIFE recently as I began to embark on a new journey.  Starting this new adventure I was glad they were supportive and open and though ultimately this journey would bring separation.  There was a moment, I could feel my heart racing, my breath get shallow and my body start to figit.  I looked around at these people I had spent so much time with, so many years and experiences shared together and said quietly to myself ‘imagine you are in a yoga class, find your breath, allow the breath to settle your body.  take a deep breath in and send it into your body where you feel the quiver, nerves, excitement. own it.  Feel it fully.’

Then I felt it. Something inside of me started to flutter.  Joy. Radiance. This expansion from the inside out, a surge of beauty, a surge of calming energy.

I said to myself ‘Whoa! What was that?, that right there?’ “Do you feel that?’ I asked those around me if they too felt the peace and calm that entered the space.  I realized after looking around, like I had seen the elephant in the room and no one else had, that no one did feel anything the in the minutes before, it was an internal experience, in my own body.  A few seconds fluttered by and suddenly I realized that in those moments what I had experienced was pure LOVE.  I experienced the release of a tension that had been held for eons, years even, there was acceptance and suddenly, I simply let go.  ‘That right there was pretty, pretty, pure LOVE.’  I chuckle and my smile widened as I realized those words come from me.  I felt safe. I felt sure and clear, and lighter than ever before.  I felt LOVE so strongly, as if it lay over me as a warm blanket.

It was an epic moment of clarity; a moment of transformation, transition, a moment that I can clearly remember it’s qualities before and after.  I now have this strong sense of knowing that I did not have before.  I know that no matter what I am dealt with, it is all a part of the journey too!


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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