Cooking with LOVE


I wish I lived more like I cooked. No real recipes. No measuring. I figure out one ingredient, usually something that caught my eye at the farmer’s market or Kreiger’s, the local market. Then I see what else I have on hand and get creative. Sometimes I google recipes or ingredients to see what flavors other people use or combinations that are out there. But mostly, I learn as I go. I “measure” by feel and color. I like that everything that I make will never be made exactly the way it was, nor can I offer anyone else the recipe because my cooking is about trust, experimentation, and being present.

 I remember once my mom said to me, how come we make the same thing but yours tastes better? I joked that I put LOVE into it. Not that she doesn’t, but I sing and talk to my food. I have a relationship with it throughout the meal making process. The making is the point, rather than the eating. Though yes, I LOVE that part too, I mean, why else cook right?



IMG_1606Cooking teaches me to let go and not take anything too seriously because all the efforts will be consumed. As Krishna explains to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, “You have a right to your actions, but not the fruits of your actions.” Maybe that’s why I take photographs of what I’ve cooked, so I can appreciate the artistry of transformation, the blossom of a meal. Beauty in, beauty out perhaps? The moment where process becomes product. I pause and notice what I’ve made and offer gratitude for all that went into getting the food to the plate before me. And each meal I pray to live more like I cook. Wild, creative, and most of all, with LOVE.

Carly Sachs



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