Monday morning tea cup…

 Good Morning Screamers!  Monday morning has arrived.  The air is crisp and reminiscent of the first days of school from my childhood.  My brother and I would walk down the street to the bottom of the hill, drop our backpacks to mark our place in line and avoid any awkward early morning eye contact amongst the neighborhood kids.  Aah…….to be young again.  Opportunity. Possibility. So much of the world was unknown to me but I was always craving more.  Even then I loved first days of school, new books, new clothes and the possibilities of new friendships.  I used to say as my 16-year old self, ‘I can’t wait to be 30, a grown-up and awesome!’  Well, now that I am in my 30s some days I say to myself ‘I wish I were 16 again!  Or better yet 60 and in all of my awe-someness!’

As I ponder my days of middle school and tapered jeans I stare down into my morning tea.  This morning, like most mornings, is warm water with lemon in an oversized, larger than LIFE, white mug.  What a way to start a day….crisp, clean, fall temperatures outside my door, dew covered patio tables and sunshine…..bright, bright sunshine.  I LOVE Mondays. I LOVE a fresh start.  I am a morning personality, hands down.  I LOVE rising before the sun, when all is quiet and un-disturbed.  I can accomplish a lot between the hours of 5 and 8 am.  I am one of those early to rise sweet fellows you read about.  I certainly still crave the newness of the unknown, the clean slate as I did in my childhood.

After spending my day yesterday in silence and in much reflection, a tremendous amount of space has arrived in my mind and body today.  I woke to a clear head, easy shoulders and no crinkle in my brow; silence does much for all aspects of my spirit.  This week marks the official published launch of Screaming Gratitude, yet another clean slate to begin, a fresh start.  Opportunity. Possibility.  I am excited to build connections, draw people together and enrich the platform of INSPIRATION to carry out into each reader’s day.

As I ponder into my tea-cup I am thrilled about what this week holds; possibilities of what lies ahead.  What discoveries, what miracles will unfold?  I LOVE the notion that you hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it, as the universe and your body hold this wisdom, it is simply waiting for the perfect moment in which to release it to your care.

I recall the cue I have been given in every writing class I have ever attended; ‘keep your pen to paper and you will be surprised by what comes out.  No matter what, keep your pen to the paper and keep writing.’  I think this same motto applies to life this week, to life always, teenage years or mid 30s.  ‘Keep your heart open. Keep your feet moving. Keep at LIFE.  Keep writing and you will be surprised by what miracles can and will unfold.’


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude

IMG_1590p.s. this is a picture of yours truly, awaiting the 8am oil change! I told you I get a lot accomplished in the early morning!


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