Segno di Dio, Sign from God

Photo by Sarah Dufresne



The sun has finally set and the end of a beautiful week is upon me.  The week was freckled with gifts in all shapes and sizes; including those moments when you thought it couldn’t get any better…….AHA! the universe plants yet another seed of greatness right in front of you!  I truly believe in the universe being capable of bringing me all the things I need when I need them.

I don’t want to start off by saying, ‘I have not always been that much of a spiritual person,’ because I really have been, most of my life.  I would always look deeper into the cereal bowl for messages from spirits, faeries or those I could not see.  I was the girl at the sleepover parties that always wanted to play with the ouija board and tell ghosts stories.  ‘It really did happen, I swear my cousin knew the person that it happened to!’ I definitely had 2 imaginary friends growing up.

As a little girl, I had no idea what LIFE was all about and how lucky I truly was to be me.  Little did I know that much of my adult LIFE would be divinely guided in ways that I could never have imagined.  I always had a sense of ‘something’ bigger going on in life.  Whenever I prayed when I was younger, I spoke aloud as if they could hear me.  I believe ‘they’ can hear me; those that have passed, those surrounding me, protecting me, birds…whomever; I’ll get to the birds in a minute.  I always have had an awareness of the bigger picture, it is something I have always carried deep inside of me.

There are signs and then there are signs.  This past week when I was parked in front of my house talking on the phone to my best girlfriend, I was not in-as-much stunned when a bird flew by and crapped in my window, landing on my glove box.  No….. I was not surprised in the least.  I was more so surprised at the ability of the bird to aim so carefully.  You see, my window, the passenger window, was only down half way, and I was parked on a hill, uphill, so essentially my window was slanted and the bird was flying down hill….talent I say, mere talent.  The universe has all kinds of surprising gifts you only have to pay attention to them.

‘Segno di Dio, segno di Dio!’ A sign from god, the old italian Nona exclaims, my favorite scene from ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ when Diane Lane is about to leave the villa and go about her life, does a dirty little italian pigeon fly over her and crap on her, or ‘let loose.’  It’s an old superstition I recall hearing as a kid and even now as an adult.  If a bird craps on you, or unleashes rather, it is a sign of good luck, good fortune coming your way, a sign from god.  Think about it, if you get crapped on by any thing, there best be something coming in reward for being their target….no?

I believe in the universe being capable of all things but……. I would like to keep my car clean and not walk around with an umbrella at all times.

Setting my alarm to rise before dawn tomorrow and witness the Perseid meteor shower, I wont be surprised at 4:30 am in the dark, when no one else is around, no one else is even awake, not even the birds, when I get crapped on.  I will know it is the universe telling me that I am right where I am supposed to be, apparent target practice for my angels………or birds rather.

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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