Monday morning tea cup

Good Morning Screamers!  Monday morning is upon us once again and all is clear, new, exciting and filled with gratitude……or it’s not?

As I sit at my desk this early morning, staring down at my calendar for the week ahead, I have feelings of ambivalence.  Over the weekend and days following the first official post of Screaming Gratitude there have been many emotions rising to the surface.  I have found myself in conversations that I could not help but cry, laugh and share my journey.  I have been a witness to true, beautiful experiences and connections that have allowed me to be present in each moment in the past few days.  I realize that it is these precious moments  that allow me to cultivate my gratitude on such an enormous level.  My outlook for this week and calendar is simply an indicator to myself that I have no idea what lies ahead in my week, in my day, in the next few minutes……for me or for anyone rather.  I know all too well that LIFE can change in an instant.  One word. One glance. One smile, one radiant flash of light, one moment can shift everything in one’s LIFE.  Each day as I wake up I recite the ‘precious LIFE prayer’ aloud to myself in my bedroom.  I take a few moments to flutter and blink my eyes open to the newness of the day and move forward into the day with fresh eyes.  Everything is changing each and every minute, we are, people in our lives are, nature, the world, why not have fresh eyes to allow yourself to see the beauty that is constantly shifting and changing right in front of us.  Release the past and experience everything as it is right now, whole.

Last night I spent some time lying outside on my sidewalk looking up at the stars feeling grateful.  The meteor show was breathtaking, the stars twinkling in the sky put LIFE into perspective.  What a huge, vast universe we are part of!  What an enormous place this world is!  How can I not be grateful to be a part of it?  I began to wonder about all the millions of people staring up at these same stars that I was.  What does it look like from where they are? Where are they in the world?  What are they feeling in their physical body, emotional body….breath body.  Who are they, are we connected, will I ever meet them, what does their experience of LIFE look like?  I noticed immediately that every time I saw a radiant light flash across the sky, it was followed by a smile across my face.  My eyes lit up and my anticipation grew for more!  My breath was full and deep, allowing me to stay grounded.  When I stay with my breath I feel safe, quiet and content, although, my puppies lay on top of me, around me and at my feet (I have 4) all the while keeping me connected to their needs, we watched the night sky in all its beauty.  It is so easy to be reminded of the beautiful gifts that this universe offers to us….one must only pay attention.   Does everyone feel this grateful, is everyone screaming with gratitude?   Photo by Sarah Dufresne

It is pretty important to take a few moments at any time during the day or night for gratitude, pause, breath which ever, for me in my LIFE.  As much as it is to want to wake up smiling every morning, greet the sun, settle into my morning cup of tea, the reality is that it takes work for this to happen.  Each morning I set an intention for what I hope my day will hold, sometimes it helps, sometimes it shifts and changes completely throughout my day.  Other days I lie in bed struggling to catch my breath, connect to my body and ground myself.  It is a challenge to not caught up in the myriad of things my ‘monkey mind’ wants to distract me with or witness my emotions and not push them away.  It takes work to be present, create and participate in those moments that allow me to be grateful.  It is those days when I set the intention, move slowly and allow for time, do I feel at my best, do I listen more intently to those around me, offer the most compassion I can, and successfully feel present in as many moments as possible.  It is those days that are the longest, endless and treasured….as if  in slow-motion.

‘Falling or flying?’ I ask myself when I wake, when I enter a space or share my story… I ‘falling or flying’ in this moment?  Am I soaring over the tree tops, grooving to the music that escorts me through LIFE or am I settling below the line, wallowing a bit, distracted, resisting and needing comfort and quiet?  Each day is an opportunity to show up.  As I am always sharing with my yoga students, ‘each day is an opportunity, each moment an opportunity, but most importantly each BREATH is an opportunity to create the space inside of us and connect within.  Imagine if we viewed LIFE through that intention……that every BREATH were an opportunity to start fresh, move forward and SOAR!  Let’s cultivate that level of awareness! Whew!

I realized today that it is in these precious moments, in every BREATH, that I allow myself to cultivate my gratitude on such an enormous level that I have manifested SCREAMING GRATITUDE.

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


p.s. a link to the Precious Human Life Prayer

~thanks to bound lotus!


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