Monday morning tea cup

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Good morning LIFE! Good morning rising sun!  Good morning to this new beautiful week….full of possibilities.  This morning I woke much like I did yesterday, laughing, smiling and anxiously awaiting all the gifts that the day has in store for me.  I sit crossed-legged at my desk this morning, tea-cup filled to the brim, warmed and comforting in front of me.  Dressed in my yoga clothes, ready for this day, ready to enjoy this day.  It is early, my eyes have yet to meet the rays of the sunshine forecasted for this day and I feel as if I have been awake for years.  Getting up in the morning for me is no struggle at all, occasionally I find more comfort in my sheets and cozy blankets than I do greeting the day, but most days when I rise, I seek the beauty that is waiting for me.  I would get up at 4 o’clock every morning if my schedule allowed for it.  We are rare, us morning people, this I know.

This morning is filled with promise.  The last few days I spent in a yoga class, literally, I spent more time on the mat than out in the world; which speaks worlds to the fresh perspective I share with you this morning.  Some days I feel as though I have so much passion, so much inspiration, drive, ambition, whichever you call it….LOVE for this life that it oozes out of me.  A smile across my face, a smile in my heart is like no other gift and time spent on my yoga mat helps this fire to stay ignited!  My calendar this week is highlighted with more days of sunshine activities than work and sweat….I color coordinate my schedule so I make sure I keep a work-life balance of sunshine, sweat and work….girl loves a good high-liter!  I know, from evidence yesterday, that I must get on my mat as much as possible this week, heck every week.  There are many lessons in which the yoga mat provides me and this weekend the beginning of some new revelations started to appear to me.

Over the course of the past few months there have been many people, places, stories, books even, that have been circling around me, reappearing randomly, nothing is random in this LIFE, but nonetheless this weekend I was able to slow down and examine some of these tokens.  I will order the books online, high-lite and spend quiet time examining the writers that have fallen into my lap.  I will listen to the new music in hopes that it fills me with JOY, pure JOY and share it with all of you, because nothing feels better than sharing those moments that bring us JOY and LOVE in LIFE.  I will travel.  I will travel to those places, hike the hills, set my intentions on fire and let the wind take them out into the world.

Most Mondays I awaken with the intention to grab my backpack, lace up my shoes and step out in the world to conquer!  Conquer and chase all the fear inside of me, break down any barriers that stand between me and LOVE and empty any of the darkness out to allow my radiant light to shine as brightly as it can.  Except I don’t carry a backpack, I carry a purse or pocketbook, us New Englanders call it; I wear sneakers some days, but mostly it is flip-flops, it is summer darlin’!  but…… I am a chaser, I am a seeker, that part is true, I run towards what scares me.  I know, I know….one giant heap of ‘what kool-aid did this chick drink?’ and my response is simply that the more you seek the gratitude, the more it finds you.  The more you seek ways in which to stand in your darkness, more light pours out.  Inhale to create the space and it is followed by a longer exhale to allow for a deeper connection within.  Too good to be true?  Try it…..I dare you!  Follow my trail…..trails of glitter, make your own trail…..I guarantee that our paths will cross or run parallel and we will look back and wonder where did the transformation occur… will all simply fall into place, just like it was supposed to.

As the great Rumi says……

“What you seek is seeking you.”

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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