you feel that….that’s my heartbeat

Photo by Sarah DufresneDays ahead of my next leap, my next adventure in LIFE.  Whether there is a floor or not, I am telling myself to leap regardless!  Leap regardless Sarah!  Leap anyways Brave One!  Leap anyways.  I am trusting this process, hell its LIFE isn’t it.  I am doing the provoking.  I am teasing out all the fine print, blowing it up under a microscope and magnifying it to see what it’s really worth.  Is it worth a year or so, or months, decades even, is it worth my LIFE to seek out my dreams?  Can I stay connected, stay on the mat, keep writing?  Stay strong?  Stay authentic?

Listen to my breath.  Listen to my heart beating loudly in my ears.  Letting it beat.  Letting it bang and bang until it breaks any chains that restrain it!  Will I be able to breathe thru all the silence?  Can I ask for help? Can I receive help?  Can I pause and turn back?  Will I be able to stay in my own body, prying my finders from all I am grasping?  Is this an adventure or the rest of my LIFE?  Will I still be in here at the end of this adventure? Can I………..will I still feel my radiant spirit deep inside the darkness or will that fade away?  Can I be all of this and still be me?

The heart has NO capacity.

My answer to all is YES!

Leap anyways.  LEAP anyways!

Leap ALWAYS darlin’s!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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