Liebster award 8.20.13

“Mom, can you google something for me? Yeah sure, what is it? I will spell it out for you L-I-E-B-S-T-E-R, tell me what it says that it is, I think I got nominated for this! Oh it’s an award given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers! You answer a bunch of questions and create a community conversation between fellow bloggers…..sounds fun!”

I see my reflection in the mirror as I brush my teeth, preparing to head out for work. Liebster Award aye? Perhaps I am cut out for this writing thing. I feel excited, honored and part of a community that stretches far through the ‘inter-webs.’ So cool. Soo inspiring to have other people not only read my posts, but follow and share! I could get used to this!

11:37 am, right around the time I was, like I said, brushing my teeth and flossing, preparing to head out for work,did I get the news. I had a über productive morning, climbing stairs, writing for the blog, playing in the garden before breakfast and even squeezing in a nap…..if you don’t know me yet….I am a morning person. Look it up in the big book, I’m your girl!
I hear the chimes on my phone, ‘new comment by Derek from Complete Health Circle. My fellow blogger walking this similar path in LIFE to help uplift us all nominated ME!, moi, this girl right here, for my first blogging award: The Liebster.

Derek, thank-YOU so much for your guidance as well as see-ing my writing for what it really is, alongside your other nine selections. I hope to continue this kind gesture in hopes to strengthen and inspire more in this community. My inspiration is a bit contagious and I cannot wait to see what’s on the other side! So thank you.

As I mentioned above, or my mom did rather, the Liebster Award is an award given to small blogs, those that have less than 200 followers. It is designed to create an atmosphere of community and encourage the sharing and discovery of the great writers that are out there, pouring there guts out in some cases, or like I to say, sharing their RADIANCE!

To accept a Liebster Award, you must do several things:

  1. Link back and recognize the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer ten questions given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award.
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Notify my nominees.

My nominator has given me ten questions, and here are my answers. (Below are my questions for my nominees):

What drives your creative voice? –I have always been one to carry around a journal, notebook and something to read, and even in some cases a crossword or two. I live to write. I wrote 2 books before I was 25! Some nights all I have to do is find a song on my playlist, put the headphones in and off I go. I could write for hours. My muse often lately is music, experiences, SUNSHINE, and living yoga off the mat!

What author, painter, mystic, and hero(ine) speaks to you? –I am a bit obsessed with Rumi, quotes are everywhere, how can you not be!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

I have also been a longtime devotee of Ms. Shakti Gawain, pure devotional LOVE that woman oozes. Painter, it would have to be Nighhawks… love with The Search for the Diner.

Who motivates you? -the question should really be, What doesn’t motivate me? I can wake up some days laughing, out loud and in full force. I LOVE life. I love the adventures in LIFE. I love conversation. I love sunshine, inspiration, breath, walking, talking, sitting, standing, I mean you name it, it motivates me! I am a seeker! and often what you seek, is seeking you!

What animal did you dream about last? When? I have dreamt about snakes recently, but I want to say a turtle was the latest, a week ago perhaps.. I have this totem relationship with birds. They often cross my path and teach me things that I otherwise would not pay attention to. I have been getting ‘crapped’ on a lot. I say this in the best way possible way, it’s a great luck to be pooped on by a bird, and I am full force into all
the great luck!

Look in your closet, which colour is most present? What might this say about your personality? -eehhh, I could pull the usual and say black, BUT, I am actually thinking more on the pink spectrum. I have quite a few pops of color in my closet as I shine some light on it. Hmmm, I never would’ve guessed that. Pink is my color! What does that say….well that is another topic all together. Pink I feel, speaks volumes to my go-getter attitude. ambitious, driven, fun, happy and always inspired… is a fun color no matter how you look at it. Who can be unhappy when wearing pink? Anyone?

Do you take care of yourself mind, body, and soul? How? -whew! where to begin with this one. YES. YES. and YES! all day everyday. Self-care, which I have recently transformed into Self-LOVE is my number #1 priority in LIFE. I schedule in pockets of meditation, yoga nidra, music, crosswords, naps, reading, baths, lotion, reiki, yoga, writing, going for a drive, PDO’s (perfect days off with the bff). The list is pretty endless. My all time favorite act of self-care, ie self-LOVE is to feel the sun’s radiance on my face. I don’t mean tanning in any way, I simply mean, standing by a window even in the dead of winter and feeling the warmth of the suns rays as they shine on my face. I close my eyes and soak it all in. Breath-taking. Can’t bottle that up!

What was your last act of random kindness? -A sweet divine sleep meditation after class tonight. My students adore meditation and it feels much like I am treating my kids to ice-cream, than my students to a guided meditation. They all passed out and woke up refreshed and excited for more! I could not feel more blessed.

Go to your bookshelf, what do you see? -Loads and loads of nutrition books. I am a nutritionist and have hundreds of reference books and cookbooks galore. You name your ailment, I betcha I got a diet designed for ya! Also life-transformers. I am all for the mentor, life-coach, inspiration speaker, vulnerability junkie type books. I high-lite, underline, pretty much destroy a good book, writing in the margins and pages. Books land in my lap, I take them as a sign from a bigger source.

When I say “living holistically,” what does it mean to you? Living holistically to me, means living from the earth. Eating what you grow, if not, knowing where your food came from. Living a balanced life. Notice your physical body and finding the imbalances, investigating and returning yourself back to harmony via the gifts of the earth. Herbs, vegetables, sustenance, air, water, breath, movement! I spent some time in Italy and each piece of food was labeled with the name of the farm the product was from, the date it was born, harvested, etc and the name of the farmer. All that was missing was the name of the animal or produce! A brilliant system if you ask me!

What is one of your goals in life? Are you working on achieving it? Why or why not? -One of my goals is to publish. I would love to be able to walk into any bookstore, small, large, imaginary and see my book on a shelf. That, that right there would be a gift from the universe. I am working on achieving it, but also afraid to be successful. There is much to learn from the process of being vulnerable and I am learning and re-learning this every moment of every day.

My Nominees

Drumroll please…….now for my nominations for bloggers for this award. I hope this sparks true connection, smiles so big, you have to show your teeth, and a few moments of inspiration hidden into your day..

The Self Actualisation Project

Martinis & Mantrask

Serving Up Diabetes

Downdog on the Rocks

With Love, Lung Cancer

Seafoam & Stardust

Miracle Highway

Savor Life’s Beauty

Bitchy Woman

A Day In the Light

Here are my ten questions for them

1. Perfect day off….what would you do?

2. If you could live one day over, what day would it be, why?

3. If you could meet anyone in the universe, living, dead, present or asleep….who pre-tell would it be? How come?

4. Mom or Dad’s calling to invite you to dinner, what do you bring?

5. What is on the door of your fridgerator? I know that is where all the non-exciting things are, but very interesting…whatcha got there?

6. Favorite sound? (very Inside the Actor’s Studio of me)

7. No one is home, entire Sunday to yourself…whatcha watching, doing, wearing?

8. Favorite question….what is in your back seat or on the floor of your car?

9. What is your next adventure? in life, this week, short-term, long-term, you name it, what’s next up on your bucket list? How are you pursuing this????

10. You get into an argument with someone in your family, someone you are closely related to, what’s the fight most likely about? How come?

There are days when you wake up and the sun is high in the sky, and then there are days when the sun struggles to peak through, or your eyes never get to meet at all. It is comforting to know, for me, that the sun is always there, trying for me, wanting to make an appearance, wanting to meet my eyes. My fellow bloggers, I feel the same about all of you…..I know you are out there trying, wanting to be seen, wanting to peak through those clouds and I am here this morning to say…..I see YOU!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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