Tuesday cat stretch

Photo by Sarah DufresnePhoto by Sarah DufresnePhoto by Sarah Dufresne

This morning is filled with much reflection.  Nature has been washed clean with raindrops, puddling in corners and cracks, seeping in and around my heart.  Today is filled with reflection of the bigger picture.  Why do we suffer?  Why do we resist?  Why do we stay open through the flow of LIFE each and everyday, each and every moment?

There is dark and light.  There is happy and sad.  We are all sitting in a circle, sharing in this LIFE.  Sharing our experiences, getting up each day, breathing in and out and putting one foot in front of the other.  The whole world is available to us, right in front of us……why is it that so many don’t reach out and grab it?

Today the perspective is far-reaching.  When I look up to see the sky, although there are clouds, I see the vast space, ever-expanding.  When I look down I see my toes, pressing into the earth, holding me up, allowing me to stand tall.


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