Monday morning cup of….almonds?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

cup o’ joe….wait no?

Aaahh…..good Monday morning to you screamers!  It is a fresh new day, new week and new month to boot!  I love me the months of fall.  Crisp air.  Dewy grass.  Hot beverages a must on the early morning drives.  Sweaters, leg warmers…..cute mittens.  I cannot get enough of this weather, I only wish New England was more consistent and really gave us a fall vs. the 1/2 minute of leaves falling, snow storm and boom we are head first into winter!

This morning, as I was waking up and gaining my footing for this beautiful day I felt the urge to fill up my tea-cup with almonds versus the typical water and lemon.  Mixing things up this morning, starting my morning off with a bit of a crunch rather than a slurp.

My outlook for the week is promising, magical, as always, and filled with gratitude.  The universe granted me a few gifts over the weekend, lessons in disguise that provided me with a bit of a chuckle at myself, as I reflect on what I thought were ‘stressors, challenges’ over my weekend.  I stand firmly with my heart open today and will allow all to flow as it will.  Aware of resistance and the enemy of frustration.  Cognizant of all the clues that surround me, that are spoken directly to me or written down somewhere in my view.  I will allow all to unfold as it will.

This Monday I start my week with a few mindful affirmations.  I will remind myself that I am always a student, always in need of remembering and never afraid to appear imperfect.

‘I will allow all to unfold naturally as it is meant to.’

I will notice resistance and frustration and how it shows up in my physical body; when this occurs I will repeat my affirmation softly to myself.

Back up mantra in case the moment turns hairy, ‘Each cell of fear in my body can be replaced with LOVE, allow this.’

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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