Pay Attention

Pay attention.  Attention to detail.  Attention to your surroundings.  Pay attention to the signs that the universe provides for you.  When you look up to the sky and ask for a sign from God, the Divine, Mother….whomever it may be that you believe laid our feet upon this earth, when you look up and ask for that sign and suddenly a gust of wind, a bird flies by you or a car alarm goes off…… pay attention.  In all ways and forms the universe communicates with YOU, yes YOU.  There is no select few walking this earth that get these signs, signals, messages, angels, we are all privy to it, pay attention.

This morning I was feeling rushed, stirring my oatmeal, sprinkling my spices and packing up to head out the door.  I felt rushed.  I kissed the puppies goodbye and bid my adieus, out the door I went.  Mile 3. Mile 5 1/2.  Mile 8, 9 & 10 I was flooded with doubt and disbelief that I had left my stove burner on.  I kept driving.  Mile 15 I decided to turn around.  Thoughts of foreshadowing I had previously the day before about fire, smoke and heat.  Eerie.  I returned home.  I felt nauseous to think that I left the burner on, my mind went to all the ‘what if’s.’  I started storing all of this stress and worry in my stomach and shoulders.  Soon after I returned home, eased and settled, the puppies all asleep and the stove quiet and off.  I was restless and emotions began to surface.  Emotion and worry I created from one simple thought.  I began connecting thoughts from the previous day and the end resulted in me feeling ill and my puppies slightly disturbed during their usual nap time.

Photo by Screaming Gratitude

LIFE is a funny thing.  The mind is an even crazier thing if you think about it, but don’t.  I think of myself as someone who pays attention.  I notice messages, signs, light, music and noise, maybe even a little too much at times, but I pay attention.  I understand that when I put an intention out into the universe, an answer will show up; I am not sure how or in what shape or form, but I know an answer will come.

As much as we all forget and get carried away in the ‘things’ that LIFE keeps us distracted with, it is important to be present.  When one is present they are able to notice the ‘signs, messages, sounds, etc.’  When you are present it makes sense that things happen the way they do and there is less resentment towards the world when things do not work out as planned.  I have to admit, I love when things do not go as planned, because then there is a whole new adventure that awaits.  Change can be a challenge but, change can be exciting, new and fun!

As I sat with a dear friend, sharing our dreams, feeling the goosebumps of possibility and smiling from ear to ear, quietly and very softly I hear the universe chime in.  In the background there is this music, it plays all day long and probably cycles around and around, unnoticeable at times and a comfort in quiet.  I hear the tunes, the melody and then there the words rise to the surface.  The song is familiar and brings my attention deep inside.  I feel the surge of emotion enter the center of my chest and expand throughout my entire body.  Not your ordinary song, but a song that resonates so profoundly with me, the memories, the triumph I felt when I first heard this song, it all makes sense now.  This big picture that I speak of, it is right now, this moment, right here in front of me.

The universe has many gifts.  It is not only until we become quiet, do we hear all the wisdom inside of ourselves.  The universe, the entire world, resides within us. Who are YOU to think you are not part of the whole. Who are YOU not to be considered part of all that is, if you are part of all that is, then you are all that is.  You are the big picture.  The big picture is NOW, its YOU, its all around YOU.  That song in the background, that’s your reminder, you are infinite, eternal and whole.

The universe resides in us all. The universe resides in YOU!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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