Have you seen this yet? Official Launch

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Yes there are millions of people who walk this great green earth.

Yes there are billions upon billions of amazing moments that have occurred in this world that enable each one of us to see the true beauty that exists in this world.

This week, Screaming Gratitude is launching ‘Have you seen this yet?”  Official Launch to give you a taste of some of those amazing moments of inspiration that are out there, perhaps even right outside your door.

Each day this week SG will be sharing with you videos, quotes, stories and links of a few people, events, organizations making their LIFe the best LIFE!

People that are waking up every morning, doing the work, asking the questions, chasing after their dreams and making every moment count!  Shaking off the dust and standing tall in what they believe in!

First up…..we have my personal favorite…. Brene’ Brown.

I landed on a TED talk a few years ago, circa 2010, it was Brene’ Brown, I was brought to tears.  I was so moved by the ability this woman had to language exactly how I was feeling, that I began to unravel as I watched her speak.  I was familiar with the word ‘vulnerability’ in the dictionary, sure I could use it in a sentence, but it was not part of my LIFE.  After watching Brene’s talk, vulnerability was all there was in my LIFE.  Brene’ Brown is a social worker and a researcher, a researcher of shame, the fear of disconnection.

“You share with people who earn the right to hear your story.” -Brene’ Brown

I found Brene’s research to be profound and awe-inspiring.  A talk that still gives me chills down my spine and makes the hairs on my arms stand up;  a talk that left a big impact on how I moved forward into the next moment of my life after seeing this video.  For the first time, in what feels like ever, I felt heard.  I felt seen.  I felt as if vulnerability was exactly what I needed to embrace to be happy in this LIFE.  Vulnerability was a word that resonated so profoundly.  The vibrations of the word reach my core.

What makes Brene’ #1 for SG’s Launch of “Have you seen this yet?” is because she is real.  Down right, straight talk, terrified and doing it anyways kind of gal.  Brene’ sits down next to Oprah and is authentic, messy, honest, living LIFE full out.  In my book, Brene’ Brown rocks!  I am inspired by her words, her actions to pursue my dreams, embrace my flaws and lead by example, because let’s be real, no body is perfect.

Today, I am able to proudly say that vulnerability is very much still part of my LIFE, but it is not something that describes me, but rather something that teaches me.

When I am most vulnerable is when I am learning the greatest lessons.  I seek moments such as these everyday.

Enjoy these videos…..there is much to gain from insight, perspective and even a good laugh.  We are all human, no one has any idea what they are doing, we are really good at acting as if we do, until someone calls us out and makes a video about it.

Here is the original TedxHouston talk from 2010, brilliant.

Here is the link if you are reading via email or have trouble.

Here is the follow-up to her first talk, a few years later, again so real, honest and vulnerable.

Here is the link if you are reading via email or have trouble.

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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