Have you seen…Elliott Hulse yet?

Image credit: Elliott Hulse

Image credit: Elliott Hulse

Come in for a landing on Day 2 of inspiration screaming gratitude style.  Today Screaming Gratitude is all about sharing with you this amazing guy I came upon while buzzing through my newsfeed on facebook.

A good friend Brendan Coburn writes a blog about eating well, eating whole and using your smarts to fill your plate, not your stomach, The Healthy Cow.  On such a day, Brendan had shared a video about silence via Elliott Hulse.  Hmmm…I’ve known Brendan for quite a few years and our experiences are shared and interests are similar, so I figured this must be something interesting.  Once I clicked on this video, I was blown away by this man’s words.  I was in awe of his awareness, his intention, his ability to language so clearly the bigger picture of what LIFE is all about.

The video that Brendan shared was The Power of Silence.  A beautiful video about silence, solitude accompanied by dear beautiful RW Emerson writing.

“When we go in, we examine the depths of our hearts or soul….”  -Elliott Hulse

What makes this man so inspiring?  To name a few, Elliott Hulse is a Strongman, Strength Coach, Author, philosopher, Speaker and Badass.  He is also a father of four, a husband, and a powerful human determined to become the strongest version of himself possible and inspire others to do the same.  He says everything that you want to hear and some you don’t.   He pushes the envelope and takes charge when it comes to accountability and integrity.  I was WOW’d!

I was blown away by his website, his commitment and perseverance.  He is pretty incredible.  His message is right up there with Screaming Gratitude’s ‘inspire all to live the best LIFE possible.  He has 3 youtube channels with an enormous following and messages from Osho, LIFE, challenge, resistance, motivation, the best squat, leadership, dead lifts, strength training, the list goes on and on.  He is for sure on my radar, please check him out, fresh perspective, amazing man out in this world living his best LIFE and continuing to inspire all of us to do exactly the same.  The world needs more people like these!

Here is the video that started to peak my interest in Elliott Hulse.

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


2 responses to “Have you seen…Elliott Hulse yet?

  1. He’s no joke… I’ve been watching for a while now, and I find myself caught between hating who I currently am and getting excited about who I could become if I just cut through the b.s.

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