Have you seen…. Shane Koyczan yet?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Today’s muse

Meet Shane Koyczan.  You may have briefly heard his voice in a post from last week, “Was that a bad day? I am not sure…” in which I featured a video read by Shane and of some of his work.

His voice, moving. His words, obvious and honest, simple and real.

Screamers, day 3 of ‘have you seen this yet?’ has started to morph into its own entity, a beautiful one at that.  I have found myself hypnotized by these people I want to share with you.  I am remembering why they had such a strong impact on me and my LIFE.  I can recall how I found some of them and others I feel as though appeared suddenly without any notice.  Each story, video, person, human spirit that I share with you this week has a gift.  A gift that they share with the world.  I feel lucky to have listened to the whispers, to have written down the titles of songs, listened really hard to hear the lyrics, or cross their paths and even luckier that I get to share some of my favorites here with you.

Meet Shane Koyczan.

Shane Koyczan is a Canadian poet, author and performer.  I found Shane through his video, Instructions for a bad day, inspiring.  Once I heard his voice, I was smitten.  I was inspired by the breath he took between each word, each passionate phrase of poetry, and his tempo.  I was in awe of his demeanor, his presence, his language.  There is something about the rhythm in which poetry is delivered.  The beat, the pace, the tempo, hypnotizing and mesmerizing all at once.  I can feel the rise and fall of the story, the experience, the gift.  I can hear the emotion as he raises his voice, as he increases his volume and tone and then again settles.  Inspiration.

After learning more about Shane via his website, I came upon other pieces of his work.  Early this past spring Shane became well-known for his anti-bullying video, To This Day Project that went viral; so much so that he did a TED talk about it.  So brave.

What’s so inspiring about this man….I think the question to be asked is what’s not inspiring about this man?

Shane Koyczan is a pretty amazing guy.  His rhythmic verse, his profound honest language and sharing of experience of heart is divinely human and resonates with me and all I know to be inspiring.

I seek a muse.  I seek the song that has a tune just so that it draws me in.  I seek the book, when I flip to any page, has a lesson that I need to hear right in that very moment.  I seek people in my LIFE that live with integrity, share their experiences and have the conversation that is real.  I seek people who will admit they have no idea what they are doing, and it is all okay.  I seek the answers, just as all of you.  I treat every single moment as a teacher, every single breath an opportunity and every single inspiration as something I need to see/hear/learn and take with me on this path I call LIFE.

I needed to hear Shane’s poetry.

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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