Have you seen….Kim Bourne MacGregor yet?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Good day screamers!  Today’s flavor of amazing and AWE-inspiring people in this world is Ms. Kim Bourne Macgregor.

Kim Bourne MacGregor is the creator of “I Believe She’s Amazing.”

Kim launched this grassroots movement to unite and inspire 1,000,000 women around the world to recognize the amazing women in their lives-in memory of her inspirational friend Erika Heller.  Erika Heller was a dear friend, sister and an inspiration.  I stumbled upon I Believe She’s Amazing a few years ago and it was the flash-mob that got me.  Through ‘I Believe She’s Amazing,’ it is your chance to say,”I believe she’s amazing” to every mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, teacher, wife or friend who has made a difference in your life and helped you to believe in yourself…as we collectively create the largest living legacy of friendship…inspired by the memory of Erika Heller.

There is something about flash-mob’s that really pulls at my heart-strings.  No matter what the event, wedding proposal, birthday, celebration, simple joining of community, every time I watch, witness or see a flash-mob I cannot help but be overwhelmed with emotions.  Here is the video of a flash-mob via this link, or you can watch it below.   There are no words to convey the pure emotion, pure JOY and LOVE that I feel when I watch this video.  I am a sucker for a gathering of people celebrating LIFE, of course, I am a yoga teacher, but nonetheless, this is so beautiful.

If I had to explain to someone what LOVE feels like, what connection, union, JOY feels like, I would show them this video!

Kim MacGregor organized this flash mob of 200 dancers to launch the “feel good” movement, “I Believe She’s Amazing” in honor of her friend Erika Heller who passed away May 28th, 2009 at 31 yrs. old…this is her living legacy.

There is also a facebook page and movements all over the world, uniting women together to create the largest living legacy of friendship.

Why does Kim MacGregor make my list of incredible, amazing people, first and foremost because I feel that she is touching so many people with her LIFE.  The movement is to honor her dear friend Erika and the movement is so far-reaching that the lives it has touched and will continue to touch, is unimaginable.  The world needs more people with incredible ideas, ambition to start conversations, and the drive of heart to put them into action!

Put your intentions out into the world and watch, simply sit back and watch all the beauty, gifts and LOVE you feel come back to you.  It all starts with YOU.

I feel pretty honored to have stumbled upon this video when I did and discover this movement!  I have yet to be part of a flash-mob, but believe you when the time comes, this is exactly the movement I will get behind.  It is people like Kim, that flourish so beautifully and impact many, many lives.  When I watch this video of the flash-mob in Toronto, Kim’s launch of the movement, I feel the sentiment exactly, I feel the connection, the gratitude and beauty that unites all women together.

To all the women in my LIFE, I believe they already know this but just in case, I believe YOU are all amazing!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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