Have you seen….Sera Beak yet?

“I let go of everything that used to define me, so that I could allow my soul to start to define me.” -Sera Beak

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

the deep truth that is often hard to hear…. I already have all I need to be complete

Good day all my fellow screamers a brand new day is upon us!  I am excited to see what miracles are ahead in this day, all possibilities, all the happiness I could ever imagine, all the gifts that LIFE wants to bestow upon me could arrive today!!!  Doesn’t that make you want to jump up and down!….so excited!!!  Me, YES! of course!!

Today I have the divine pleasure of introducing you to a new find, a gem, a diamond, a piercing brilliant light…..Sera Beak.

Sera is one of my new finds.  I am not sure how I came upon her, whether it was through facebook or something else, but all I know is that our paths crossed at the perfect time.

Sera is known as a spiritual rebel and modern mystic.  Sera Beak is the author of the book “Red, Hot and Holy” and “The Red Book,” both newly added to my amazon shopping cart.  Sera is also a woman passionate about the divine feminine as well as an artist and spiritual guide.  I know Sera from her very honest, true and vulnerable video of her keynote speech given at ‘Gather the Woman of Nevada’ in March of 2012.

Within the first few seconds of watching this video, my eyes filled with tears, my heart began to open up and hear this woman’s amazing journey into her own soul.  I could feel with each moment as she spoke of her experiences that she embodied her soul and all surrounding her was this brilliant and radiant light.  After a few moments I had to pause and collect myself.  I had never witness such beauty, such a human being strive for connection to their soul so strongly that it began to help me shift and settle in deeper into my body.  I felt an ease, an unravelling of the grip deep inside, a fuller deeper breath that I had never felt before.

“….healing comes through embodiment of the soul…”-Marianne Woodman

If I could share only one thing with anyone ever again it would be this talk given by Sera Beak.  Sera sets the intention in her speech, or perhaps in her LIFE, to remind you of the importance of your own feminine soul and how connection to your feminine soul is a crucial part of living an authentic life.

What is so inspiring about Sera Beak that gave me reason to share her with you is her presence.  When I first laid eyes on Sera Beak I saw her radiance.  When I first heard her speak, watched her mannerisms, there was something so revealing about her, her vulnerability, her language, her ideas……all of it hypnotized me.  I felt as though Sera recognized her soul and was speaking so clearly about the needs, desires and purpose.

I feel as though I am only beginning to scratch the surface of discovering my own radiance and this woman gave me  that reassurance to keep moving forward, listen to my own heart and guidance my soul gives me each day!  Through yoga, through my writing, revealing parts of myself, being brave and adventurous at every turn, chasing after fear, the moments will begin to shine, my own radiance will start to peak through and I will know which way to go.  Gratitude for this LIFE. Gratitude for LOVING this LIFE.  Gratitude each and every moment that I get to walk this path of LIFE……glitter, smiles and sparkling sunshine!

You can learn more about Sera on her website!

LIFE is a funny thing and all too often do I say that the Universe brings us exactly what we need, when we need it, well crossing paths with Sera Beak was one of those gifts.

“….embodiment of the soul is about living from the inside out, and requires that we ask ourselves daily, hourly, minute to minute basis, does this feel authentic to my soul,” -Sera Beak


enjoy THIS day and each and everyday thereafter!

~screaming gratitude every moment of this beautiful day!



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