Monday evening tea cup

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

pens, paper and crumpled notes……. softness, cool breeze and piping hot tea cup


9:45pm…no wait 9:46…..finally sitting down cross-legged at my desk with a steaming hot cup of tea to capture my day.  A sigh of release, a softening, surrender to the long day that passed.  I feel dry in my writing.  I feel as though I have no muse tonight, but yet I need to write.  Perhaps if I keep my fingers on the keyboard and keep writing something profound may arise….I always loved those writers cues, ‘keep your pen to paper and don’t stop writing, no matter what.’

Reviewing my day, my long day filled with so many gifts and yet I feel like I have nothing to write about.  I try some music.

aaaha! There it is!  A smile comes across my face and that surrender earlier, that softening, I now can feel my shoulder blades slide down my back body, my jaw release.  I feel the twinkle in my eyes again.  Always add music…must remember this!

The day was long……early breath, chilly toes on the bathroom floor this fall morning, steaming hot oatmeal, sunshine, solar glare traffic (my favorite kind!) great conversations about LIFE and the after-LIFE, before-LIFE and all of the gifts that we get to settle into through YOGA!  The evening was filled with YOGA, teaching and learning lessons, taking myself seriously and then laughing it off, listening to my students breath to remind myself to be present.  Voicemail’s, packages in the mail from over the oceans, smiles through the phone, the sound of vulnerability, laughter, pure JOY and awe for this LIFE, this LIFE I LOVE! (thank you Alison;) )

My inspiration for this week, as I close my day, is to remember to stay fresh, be grateful for all the gifts I have been given already and all the gifts I have yet to GIVE!  I feel really lucky to have perspective.  I feel lucky that I get to be a student; ask questions and use my voice to call on those I surround myself with to be inspired.  My inspiration this week is silence.   If there is one thing that I have in abundance in this LIFE, it is gratitude!  I am grateful that silence both envelops me and challenges me.  I learn so much from silence.

I sit still, I ponder LIFE.  I ponder all the big questions, when all the while I know I need to be still and quiet.  I crave the silence.  I crave the motions to come to a stand still.  Space. Open. Vulnerability in quiet.  The edges blurry but sharp.  Divine. Self. Soul.  All as one.  Listening to the wisdom I have, and the wisdom I have gained through my success’, failures and sitting.  Maybe this time, when I sit quiet, I will get the chance to stay there.  I will get the chance to see the vastness again.  I have been tinkering in my mind in which to find a way to be still, to be quiet.  I have been imagining a way in which I can place myself on the window sill of LIFE to be ripened by the sun.  To stand in the sun’s radiance. To feel the warmth, safety, hypnotizing silence there always exists.


You may find me in a space, room, atmosphere, being still but know that the quiet is my greatest pleasure.

enjoy this day, enjoy this evening as well,

~screaming gratitude


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