Monday morning tea cup

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

‘explore yoga as a road home to a better understanding’ -Rolf Gates

Good morning screamers! Happy Monday and happy first day of fall.

I celebrate this beautiful morning with my cup of warm water with lemon alongside my newest addition to the library, ‘Meditations from the Mat,’ by Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison.

This morning is quiet, empty, but full of possibility. I rose early before the sunlight this morning and watched the sun rise over the horizon, glowing and radiant as I ventured into the city. Shortly after I drove away from the horizon into a magenta and deep orange skyline. I always feel like there can be so much more accomplished in the day during the wee hours. I enjoy the quiet of morning, the whisper, tip-toeing around the house. I love the quiet.

In preparation for this mornings post, yesterday I found myself paying more attention to detail, more attention to the quiet. I tried to remain still for much of the day, listening to my breath and watching the ebb and flow of the day. I attended a juicy restorative workshop yesterday evening and spent much of the time swaying in a hammock just above the floor. Magical. Easy and soft. I felt like I was being rocked like a baby, imagine pure bliss and self LOVE.

Later in the evening I heard a song that has inspired this post, the song “be here now,” by Ray LaMontagne. (video below) It came up on my playlist and then again during class. If you haven’t listen to this man, Ray LaMontagne, you must, he is a musical genius. Playful, whimsical, like singing a lullaby. As I was listening to the words of his song, I noticed an emphasis on each of the words from the phrase, be here now. It is almost as if he puts emphasis on each word. BE here now. be HERE now. be here NOW. As if each statement takes on its own meaning. The sounds are delicately layered with dark piano and guitar in the background.

I need to here these words this morning, a need to be grounded. Strength. Courage. Choice. Self LOVE.

This week’s outlook looks very promising. A few leaves outside my window have started to turn and I find myself searching for slippers and socks to keep my toes warm, fall has officially arrived. I enjoy fall, the change of seasons, the clean-up after summer and the preparations into cold winter. Something about a cup of tea, or my newest find, vegan pumpkin latte, sweaters, scarves and leg warmers that thrills me on any given day. In the season of fall I find myself seeking out the most comfortable, relaxing, easy and warm moments. I LOVE the completeness of a moment, of a day, of a lifetime.

As I head off into this day, I am seeking completeness. I will strive to have gratitude, patience and awareness. I will seek the solace that resides, be content with what presents itself and be patient for those gifts I wait to arrive.

‘Don’t look for LOVE in places, faces, it’s in you that you will find.’ -Ray LaMontagne

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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