the power of narayana

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

be love. be love. be love.


In some way, shape or form I became the owner of Krishna Das, Doors of Faith cd. I am unsure exactly how I came to buy it or know of Krishna Das, but it found its way into my Toyota’s console. I remember listening to the cd and thinking and imagining what this man looked like. I was familiar with Bhagavan Das and so I assumed this man, Krishna Das, must look the same, they sounded similar. I was frightened by the sound of his deep voice and seeking to find some connection with the tune in his singing and chanting. I remember listening to his song ‘Puja‘ and ‘Hari Ram‘ hearing the flat sound, deep voice and scary, unknown energies. I longed for the part of the chant where he said, ‘I have found a way to live in the presence of the Lord.’

At the time I found this cd in my possession I was going through enormous transformations. Not even knowing what the word transformation meant, my LIFE was undergoing many shifts in so many positive ways. I spent a great deal of time reflecting on my LIFE, where it had taken me and would listen so intently to Krishna Das and his music. There was such a strong devotion in his singing/chanting, speaking even, that I was hypnotized by his commitment, passion and most importantly practice. I was in a creative stage of my LIFE, writing, dreaming and moving across the country. I was hard at work on myself, digging deep and really viewing the bigger picture. Listening to Krishna Das had a huge impact on my outlook in my world many years ago and even still today.

narayana: as I was landing somewhere new, looking to trust into the leap, spring of this year


whatever all this universe is, -seen or heard of, -pervading all this from inside and outside alike, stands supreme the Eternal Divine Being, narayana. He is the Limitless, Imperishable, Omniscient, residing in the ocean of the heart, the Cause of the happiness of the universe, the Supreme end of all striving. (manifesting himself) in the ether of the heart which is comparable to an inverted bud of the lotus flower. -translation from Sanskrit

This mantra helped me to feel grounded at a time of many transitions. Fear was present. Anticipation present. Curiosity, imbalance, desire all were present. Listening to this mantra over and over again, provided me with the subtle shifts of awareness I needed to help align my intentions. Krishna Das voice is hypnotizing and incredible. The meditation of singing and chanting allows me to step away from past and future and into the present.

here is the video of Krishna Das performing Narayana and the link!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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