Standing inside the flow of LIFE

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

sunset. breath. laughter. smile. softening.


Over the weekend I was part of an incredible experience. The experience best known as LIFE.

It was a beautiful day and there was an energy in the air that was palpable.

Cut to the chase and I was thrust into this powerful current of what felt like energy, moving, streaming, flowing all around me.

My eyes were wide open but I could imagine and see myself standing inside this strong current of energy, water, rushing through me, next to me, all around me.

There I was standing in the middle of this river, I could see the banks on either side of me, close enough for me to reach if I wanted to. I stood directly in the middle of this current, this strong flow that surrounded me.

I felt strong. I felt present. I felt as if there was nowhere else I was supposed to be.

In a few moments I made my way to the side of the river and climbed up out of the water. I stood in awe and watched the crashing water against the sides, the current, the strong flow before me.

It was then that I realized that I have two choices. I can ‘stand on the side-lines’ or I can jump in, full-out and get ‘in it!’

I recognized that in that very moment that LIFE is all about flow, current and energy.

You are either ‘in it’ or not. It is always present, you always have the opportunity to jump in, but LIFE affords us many distractions to pull us from the edge and further away from the current.

The flow never stops, it is always moving, always changing.


I can still imagine the feeling of energy, the flow, the strong waves of LIFE rolling up on to me.


I also recognized this truth about LIFE and realized that I always want to be ‘in it.’

I always want to be standing in the middle of the energy, the middle of the current, feeling it behind me, alongside of me and all around me.

I want to always be in the flow of LIFE.

Inside the flow, the current there is possibilities, endless opportunities to face your fears, face yourself and live a beautiful LIFE!


won’t you join me?

enjoy this day and perhaps anything that flows by you,

~screaming gratitude


gratitude for recognition, awareness, peace and this LIFE

what a beautiful LIFE it is

enjoy this day and each and every day you are gifted


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