home, a place I can rest my head and open my heart

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

there is a place I call home.

I do not pay rent.

I do not vacuum the floors or dust the fixtures.

They provide me with food, warmth and comfort.

The walls hold a powerful energy that heals and helps to integrate all of LIFE

I recently found myself at home and wrote this small note to myself,


‘dearest home,

has the energy changed in the atmosphere here or is it the weight of life’s worries that I carry with me as I arrive

do the leaves shine beautiful colors simply for me or is it the autumn season embarking in the cycles of mother nature

do I feel this heavy weight, oppressive tightness in my chest as I enter into this beautiful sanctuary or is it the temperature of this building that brings my shoulders closer together, closing off my heart, my chest, light and breath’


there is darkness and light

I honor both

I honor who I am in the moments when my eyes fill with tears. I honor when my heart is filled with hope and gratitude.

I honor the mess.  Most importantly the mess.  I struggle. I succeed. I do my best to stay open to all of it.  Resistance.  Excitement. Emotion. Challenge.  Transformation!

Again and again I come back to gratitude.

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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