mesmerized by LIFE

this week I decided to wake up early to sit in the quiet, watch the sunrise and entertain stillness before entering into my day……this is what I found

I became completely mesmerized by the vapors, the action of the heat, swirling, moving, constantly changing, never the same. The house was quiet and everyone was sound asleep, even in that stillness, I was able to find more. For a minute I felt like I had been swept up into la-la land that is LIFE, but I soon realized what I was being swept up into what was the beauty that is LIFE.

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

early morning radiance

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

breathe in sunshine. breathe out peace.

I found peace. I found stillness. I found LIFE happening before my eyes. A cup of tea was a game changer. I became familiar with the swirls, the colors. I could actually see the individual tiny particles within the vapors floating above my tea-cup. Later on in my day a dear friend poured me a cup of tea and my eyes met the swirling, changing LIFE again. A smile came across my face. My relationship of awareness, my relationship with all things continues to change moment to moment.


enjoy this day, moment to moment

~screaming gratitude




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