mysterious, elusive….who am I?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

my hand. your hand. the universe. all as one.


this day is long. this day will never happen again. this day there is an element of profound mystery. who am I? what am I doing here? who are you? why are you here at this time with me?

swirling energies are felt today. nature ebbs and flows outside my window. feel breath, feel warmth and coolness. radiant warmth and a cool invisible breeze.

what is the bigger picture today, this moment, right now? what’s happening all over the planet, what is happening here, inside? where do I find these answers?

when I write, I write with the intention I am speaking to a loved one. I ask questions I would ask. I share what I would share, I inquire, open, close and dive in. over tea. over coffee. over rainbows and oceans.

today within the hours I felt as if I was receiving answers back. I felt as if my intention was received and whispers, fluttering, awareness rose to the surface.

knowing my words are being heard, knowing that validation is present then I have this to say to you…

thank YOU!

expressions of self were felt today.


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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