aha moment, calmly, sweetly entered

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

‘We have the power to shape the present and future by what we do moment to moment.’ – Dani Shapiro

Yesterday I was lying in bed watching Oprah and Dani Shapiro talk about LIFE, worries, anxieties, struggles and challenges. Super Soul Sunday of course!

Quiet, simple and ordinary moments passed with each breath. Then out of nowhere appeared this awareness. Suddenly I knew what I had been seeking for what seems like much of my lifetime. It was crystal clear. It was not necessarily something that Dani said, but there was something in her story, her language, something that attached deep inside of me. Accept LIFE as it is. I stopped the video and let things saturate a bit before this awareness escaped me. Before I busy-ed my monkey mind and poured another to-do list on top of this new idea, this awareness that in some ways, I always knew existed. I re-watched the video again and again, searching for the moment when the ‘aha’ happened. Searching for the words that she said that triggered this awareness in me. I do this a lot. I search to find the magical answers to trigger exactly what I need, when I need it, and of course, as the universe would have it, I can never find it. The phrasing just-so, the body language, the pause, breath, all kinds of things, but most importantly all things. I know that I was lying on my bed watching Super Soul Sunday at this very moment, listening to a recent writer that I stumbled upon a few weeks back, hearing these words, listening to her story because that was where I was supposed to be; that was what I was supposed to be doing, in order to experience this awareness. The awareness only arrived because it was supposed to in that moment.

My ‘aha’ moment was filled with devotion. Devotion, also being the title of the recent book by Dani Shapiro, allowed me to better accept my path for what it is, as it is. For a long time, I have been walking around fearing LIFE will turn out a certain way. Fearing losses or gains that have not even occurred. Fearing a LIFE that is void of joy, change and awareness. Someone else writing my life story, the pen taken from my hands. Then suddenly in this midst of awareness I connected strongly to the passion, the desire that is LIFE. A desire, devotion to follow the path of my LIFE, wherever it leads, whatever it looks like. LIFE in whatever form it comes in, should be experienced! I must stay present for whatever my reality is, will be or could become. I must learn the lessons from everything around me. I must listen for the wisdom. What happens on your path, you must trust that it is what is supposed to be. Your path is meant to happen in such a way, that only you can walk it, only you can hear the whispers of wisdom, seek the answers on the other side of suffering, sorrow or joy.

I realized that the most important part of my path, is the path itself. It makes no sense to walk around fearing a LIFE that may or may not happen. The best way to live LIFE is to stay present in whatever is happening and watch it unfold. Trust!!! None of us know how anything is going to happen, we can guess, sure, but still until we reach that very moment, we are in the unknown. Trust the unknown! I see clearly that whatever my LIFE looks like, pain, suffering, joy, radiance, staying in the same place forever, or traveling the globe, as long I am doing what I truly feel in my own heart, then there is no other place I would rather be.

Clearly there is a YES! Gratitude. Screaming gratitude. Clearly I must listen. Follow my path. Be steady. Be better.

It is this simple. Accept that all of LIFE is as it should be, as it is meant to be. It may be disguised by positive or negative experiences, but it also my be disguised and be the most beautiful LIFE one could imagine.

A perfect path. We all walk a perfect path.


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude




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