Tuesday cat stretch

movement. shifting. stretching. opening and closing.

expanding and contracting.

the environment has shifted.

the place I find my muse, my nook, has since shifted. absence ensued from my writing.

Lately I hear connection and I find myself turning it up louder. Searching for more of it.

I hear the symphony music and everything else fades into the background. Once I realize I am in this space, I reach to turn up the volume and drown out any other sounds.

I stop everything, I listen closely. I pay attention, everything becomes clear. I begin to connect, in such a way that a few moments ago, I didn’t realize I wasn’t.

I hear everything, I dread the distraction that pulls me from this space. Can I stay here forever?

It’s funny how I seek. I peel back the layers and dig deeper, because I feel like below the surface there is an eternity of inspiration, or that if I don’t grab it, it may slip away and never come back. I find gratitude in every moment and try to drink up every last drop. Inspiration often waxes and wanes, all in time do you find the muse to move forward, to surrender, to release.


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude



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