honest heart company

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

compassion means to be with. being with honest heart company ~ mark nepo


over the course of the last few weeks I have strayed from my writing.  Diving deep into the deep corners that is my heart, body and soul…….the ‘work’ they call it.  I have found myself in moments of deep thought and far from a pen and paper.  I have found myself speaking out and sharing my deepest fears, losses and guilts.  I have discovered things that I did not know about myself, ways in which I dream, ways in which I dare to live.  I have tried again and again to show up, for me, for me and most of all for me.  I have made a few to-do lists here and there, but subsequently it cleans the cobwebs out of my head and allows me to remain in this deep introspective time.  I am unsure what this reflection will bring as its final wisdom, but so far the gifts have been numerous and profound.

One thing I have learned is that as much as I convince myself that I walk this path alone, that my hardships are simply that, MY hardships, am I reminded of the company I keep.  I am reminded of the honest heart company that I surround myself with.  I am reminded of the beautiful relationships that I have all over this world.  Through each year, season, destination I have connected and discovered beautiful beings to share my journey with.  Blessings are all around.  Sun shines on ahead, lighting the way for me and so many others.

As I continue to delve deep, allow the wisdom to rise to the surface, unearth itself from deep in my bones,  I call upon those near and dear to me to share my heart, allow them to see some of the beautiful places where the light gets in.  I  hear their wisdom, see their triumphs and feel their smiles.  I see the horizon, wide and vast.  I take a breath and all seems possible.  There is always yoga in LIFE, no matter how you look at it.

Tonight I share in a moment of gratitude for all of those I walk beside.  Those I walk hand in hand with.  The kind eyes that meet mine, sparkle and together we gaze forward at what possibilities we can create that are uniquely our own.  I feel really lucky to have all of the blessings that are already with me, I cannot wait for all the more to come!


enjoy THIS day!

~screaming gratitude




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