heartbeats inside

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

sometimes it feels like the speakers pulsing, but then i realize it is my own heart


living a LIFE that is filled with gratitude is an understatement most days, for me.

finding those moments when all slows down and you hear something that may have been repeated to you for years and suddenly you are you are able to receive it.

listening intently to a verse, a poem, song and feeling the emotions rise up and out of you, simply from listening.

there are many types of ways to listen. often it is in moments of recognition do you suddenly realize you have not heard anything at all.

chanting and I, well we are close. most days I drive into my day job with a full concert in my car. most of the time I am in my car is a concert but, needless to say, mornings are filled to the brim with sunshine and chanting. some of the people who pepper my LIFE can even tell, to-chant or not-to-chant mornings. I will come out and say it, chanting is LIFE changing. as I have explained before with mantra, chanting opens me up, it can open anyone up. The call and response has this subtle way of starting off quiet and slow then gradually it fills the creases of my being, the water begins to rise. my breath comes naturally, the words take over. i don’t know the words often but hear myself repeating them aloud. all my thoughts leave and deep inside of me opens up.

the last few car rides my chant of choice is an oldie but goodie, aad guray nameh. ‘i bow to the eternal wisdom, i bow to the wisdom that lies in all of us, i bow to the true wisdom, that is both inside of me and inside of you.’ ~my own translation this time around. there is a point at the end of the chanting when it becomes so clear that the words have more power than i realize. the words, the mantra itself begins to transport me somewhere else. i become flooded with awareness of all of my blessings. it is at that moment when i fill my lungs and expand outward.

living a LIFE that is filled with gratitude is an understatement most days, for me.

moments filled with heartbeat, inspires me to be in awe

what are you grateful for?

enjoy this day
~screaming gratitude

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