gratitude for the art of listening


orders up tadasana style…a reminder to be open to receive

the art of listening

Reading Mark Nepo’s ‘7000 ways to listen’ has got me tangled up in conversations, quiet and reflective. I LOVE the word tangled. When I hear the word I imagine two sets of roots rising up from the ground twisting and    intertwined together in a beautiful mess. One dark, one light, swirling and moving, escalating all the way to the top where they both find room to blossom into one another. There is something beautiful about language, both speaking words as well as listening to them.

In his book I immediately picked up on his ideas of listening to your own intuition. Intuit means to listen to the wisdom that is inside of you, or google’s definition to work out by instinct. The wisdom, lesson, training that you already got the day you arrived in your physical body, that to me is intuition. The wisdom and knowing is all that you need, to be right where you are.

As of late I have been wrestling with hearing my own wisdom.  Innately in the back of my mind I know what it is that I am inquiring about as well as the answer. I know that asking questions, reflecting on others experiences is not going to tell me the answer that I already know; no one can give that to me, except me! Why is it that I must gather evidence per say, do “research” and hear others beautiful experiences and stories, when I know it is inherently already inside of me? Is it curiosity that gives me reason to wander, or is it avoidance?  Why not trust my own intuition?

Today I prepared for a full afternoon, but because of scheduling it did not happen. The intention was all about releasing, opening up all of the doorways available and shifting what needed shifting within this season of LIFE; to begin to allow myself to stand in the light. Shortly after my day shifted, did I begin to feel these same effects. It felt as if I had been through a battle, simultaneously depleted and full of energy. I felt so tender that tears started to pour out of my eyes and down my cheeks without me realizing every moment.  I understand that you become what you think, that thoughts frame your existence and yet I was caught off guard by how strongly my thoughts were dictating my physical reaction.

Being so headstrong about discovering this new opportunity, viewing myself in another light to find the flaws, to find imperfections when all along I was ignoring the bigger picture, my own disconnection.  It is moments such as these when all I can have is gratitude.  Hindsight is the greatest gift, reflection helps to pull out the wisdom that lies deep inside.  Once I got quiet, once I held myself in a smaller space, still and soft, was I able to see all that I had missed.

I am grateful for listening.  Words are better spoken than not.  Stories are better told than kept in.  It makes more sense to go through the motions then to pull back and see the lesson in defeat.  It makes more of an imprint when we share all of the mess instead of hiding behind it.  When we allow ourselves to be physically entertained by an idea we must flow with it, for in the end when surrender arrives, we will feel the release so profoundly that all we can do is allow the lessons to float to the surface.

How often do you listen and not hear?

How much do you speak without listening?

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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