making a list, checking it….wait let’s start over

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

take a sip of LIFE. drink it in. bask in the flavors. taste all there is to LIFE.

When it comes to this time of year, yuletide and all, I, like the rest of us, start to reflect back on the last 12 months. I get the new years bug usually around late November, December sometime. I start to mirror the seasons, go inside more, draw myself inward and begin reflecting on what I spent my time loving, worrying over, committed to, aspiring to do, living, talking about and most of all what my muse was. I am one of those women that reflects on her birthday every year, writing a letter to myself telling all about my hair color, favorite people, things and flavors of tea. I write about my go-to sandwich shop’s, must have reads and inspiring yoga practices that I may have stumbled upon. It is only natural to do all this reflecting at the end of a year, right?

Last year I found myself reflecting in more of a structured way. Someone had created a way for me to really dig deep and ask the questions I wanted answers to. I landed on a blog with the title being ‘unraveling the heart’. It consisted of a handful of pages advising me to take an afternoon, take a day even and sit down and dive into my reflection of the past year. I loved it. It really put LIFE into perspective and helped me to examine all the ‘stuff’ that had occurred over the course of my year.

It was sitting down and reflecting on my year only then did I really see all the awareness I had cultivated. I saw the threads of gratitude over the previous year but really never connected the dots in all the ways gratitude had showed up. Unconditional gratitude. Unconditional patience for living a LIFE that fit only me. Unconditional acceptance for stepping into vulnerability and putting myself, my practices, my voice, my writing out there, daring to allow people to see, hear, read and share in my experiences. It was within this process, this reflection, sitting down to exhale did I see clearly that every moment really is a teacher.

~dive in, give it a whirl

~enjoy this day

screaming gratitude



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