fresh start, new day, new sunrise

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

love, light and blessings on this new year

Happy 2014 screamers!

Today is a brand new day.  A fresh start, a new sunrise, clean slate and even a new moon!  As I was rolling through my yoga practice this morning I was reminded of this notion of new beginnings.

At the beginning of a new year, new week, we are granted the gift of a fresh start.  As I was thinking about this more and more scrolling through my news feed last night, reading everyone’s wishes, blessings and gratitude for 2013 moving into this new year, something tugged.  Don’t we get this same opportunity moment to moment?  Don’t we get a fresh start whenever we want?  We make the rules right?  

Life……this morning when I did two sequence flows on the same side versus switching from left to right, holding for 2 breaths, not three.  I realized wait, I make the rules here and often I punish myself with these rules, so why I am following them?  My left side needs the opening, whose to say I can’t do that?

Life…..trace back to high school or college, I always walked in with a new backpack, notebooks, fresh and clean in my new outfit and perspective.  According to the teacher all of us had an “A” in his class, the same class that had simply started 10 minutes ago.  I was often perplexed and felt like I was always getting away with something every time I heard a teacher say this, and believe me there weren’t many.  The teacher would proceed to tell me and my classmates that as of today, this moment, right now,my current grade report said A, and all that I had to do throughout the semester was to maintain that ‘A.’  ‘Is this guy for real?’  I always thought there was some type of loop-hole, but in the end it helped me to go in with the perspective that I already had an A, I only had to maintain that, how much work would that really take.  Needless to say it was in those very classrooms that I excelled as a student.  I resonated with starting fresh with everything that I needed to succeed.  I felt supported and confident because a complete stranger believed in me.  Without having anything to bring to the table, it helped me really believe that I was enough.

As we all start this new year know that at this moment you have a fresh start, clean slate, as well in this moment, and this one and this one.  It never ends.  Set yourself up for success, give yourself that ‘A’ before you enter into this day.  Why not give yourself an ‘A’ everyday and do your best to maintain that.  Remember that YOU make the rules for your LIFE, on the mat and out in the world too. YOU are in charge of what you do, what you believe and what you make happen.  you are in charge of maintaining that A and leafing your life.

Remember that each breath, each moment, each second is a new one. Treat each one like a new years……celebrating like that sounds fun, no?

enjoy THIS day and each and every day to come,

~screaming gratitude


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