what is your word?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

frigid temperature, beautiful views, grateful heart


After a few weeks off from my keyboard I am finally compiling all the napkins, notebooks and newspapers that I scribbled on with ideas to write about on my desk.  I spent some time day-dreaming, learning, reading and entertaining my muse.  In the midst of my quiet time I came upon an oldie but goodie, “eat, pray, love” by elizabeth gilbert.  Gilbert speaks so clearly in her writing; the language, the grammar is like music on a page to me.  I took pause on her concept of figuring out ‘your word,’ a word that best describes you.  Gilbert uses this concept to describe the cities she has lived in and even herself.  I paused when I was rereading this part of the page and started the inquiry and simply let it simmer.

On the last evening of 2013 I spent a few hours writing, reflecting and giving cheer for some serious gratitude for this past year and all its amazing gifts.  I love hindsight.  I love reflecting back and seeing all the wisdom I could not hear while I was ‘in it.’  Hindsight can be so clear, I am amazed at how easily I forget it exists in moments of strife.  Inside of my reflections I always create goals and decide on a word that best describes my year.  Looking back on the previous year I pick a word that showed up often, and now moving forward I assign another to my future year that lies ahead, 2014.  All of this provides perspective and keeps me grounded.

As we all move forward into this new year I ask that you consider what you want from not only this year, but each moment.  I ask for you to imagine moments, wins, losses, triumphs and transformations.  I ask for you to choose a word that best represents your intentions, yourself, your year ahead.  I advise not to mull it over too long, usually its the first thing that comes to mind.

What is your word for 2014?

What was your word for 2013?  Have you released it yet, did it show up how you wanted?

all of LIFE, all of the moments that are compiled together, are hung so neatly on a string that wraps around and around to connect all of us.

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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