early morning reflection

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

early morning wakeup, remembering the green landscape of spring

‘above all be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.’ ~ unknown

Good morning screamers! Alas a beautiful chilly winter morning is upon us.  Finding myself standing in the suns embrace in my kitchen this morning, emptying my thoughts and agenda for the day ahead, I was reminded of this quote.  Moments of pause, when they arrive, are so juicy, so good, so necessary.  They allow me to stop and check in, notice any sensations that are present or any disconnection.  Noticing some twinges and whispers deep inside my body this morning, I pressed down through my feet, stood a little taller and allow everything to settle.  Listening more intently I felt my sleepy eyes warm from the suns rays, smell the steam of water boiling on the stove and zest from fruit I prepared for my morning tea.  Quietly I enter into my day.

I ignore the urge to turn the television on to see exactly what the temperature is outside, howling wind blows through the chimes outside my kitchen window, squalls of snow blow up into the air and settle onto the ground.  I trust the intuition that comes in whispers.  I trust the hollowing winds of nature tell me today is surely sweater weather.  The twinges tell me that a morning practice is indeed necessary, the cold outside does not reflect the warmth I have inside.  I must move my body and reconnect.  Find my breath, find stillness, begin today with peace.  Nothing else feels better.

It is important for me to trust the whispers, no other sound resonate with me.  As I step into this day, bundled up for an adventure, I bravely allow it to unfold as it will.  When resistance is present, I simply reflect on my stillness, my breath, peace that I cultivate at the start of each day.


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