be open to receive…from everyone

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

when you offer a smile to someone it can change their entire day


is that a word in your vocabulary?  it is in mine. I hate to admit it.  I try hard not to put dreams, aspirations and desires into the ‘impossible’ category.  Pretty often I live on the optimistic side of the road, but we have our days, don’t we?  Those days when all seems grim and grey and you find yourself day dreaming about winning the lottery, boarding a plane and flying far, far away to a land filled with marshmallow clouds, gummy raindrops, the perfect pair of jeans, great hair days and sunshine all the time. My idea of Eden shifts and changes often but certainly making it resemble my surrounds now would keep me more grounded I am sure.

Fluttering around on the inter-webs this morning I came upon a post by a fellow blogger, Inspirationenergy.  A truly inspiring blog that seeks the same purpose as Screaming Gratitude, how to live your best life.  The post today was about a website called .  An incredibly inspiring website that allows you to make a wish or grant a wish from a complete stranger for FREE!  It is a simple concept that often we may forget about living on the dark and grey side of the road, but rest assured this website exists and allows you to put your dreams out there and even get an answer!  It is sort of like the universe answering your prayers.  It allows you to create your best life with help from your community.  Great idea, right!  Immediately it put a smile on my face.  I cannot wait to grant wishes!

Check it out the video here.



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