release what does not serve you

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

gently untie the strings. allow all to fall by the way side. watch as it floats, flutters and soon is picked up by the winds of change. release all that does not serve you.

When I see people pulled over on the side of the highway standing outside of their car and a great distance away from it triggers something in me to think outside of the box.

logically I put myself in their shoes, staring into the rearview mirror, watching car after car rushing towards you; it seems to make sense to create distance between yourself and the car.  ‘Should I stop and ask if they need my help?  Maybe they have no phone or family to call.  Do I pretend I don’t see them?’  ……….Lately my mind wanders to believe that they have decided once and for all to revolt.  To stop participating in all the rules, games, expectations, society, our families and mostly we, place on ourselves.  The lines on the road, they mean nothing.  I play along as if they distinguish your place or my place on the road.  Money, it is only paper and metal etched with writing and symbols on them.  We give everything it’s meaning in life and leave no room for our own imagination.

The truth is  that we do give everything it’s meaning. We say what is the truth and what is not.  My truth, versus your truth.  Right versus wrong.  Dogma. We can change the meaning at anytime.  We can change our truths at any time as well.  The best part is exactly this, you get to change the meaning of anything at any time.  You get to pull your car over to the side of the road and have your hissy fit or temper tantrum, jump up and down and start all over.  You get to change your perspective, your ideas, your identity anytime you want.  Dreary days no longer have to be empty and filled with loneliness and sadness.  Dreary days can mean sunshine from the inside, inspired writing, quiet time to reflect, piece together to the parts that have fallen scattered.  Whichever the meaning we give, it can be changed.  We control what we think and we become what we think.  Choose your meanings wisely.  Choose your thoughts wisely, but change them often.

So whether that someone on the side of the road, standing outside of their car has a flat tire or empty gas tank, entertain the idea that they may be fed up with the definitions they have placed on themselves and they are choosing to reset all of it.  They are choosing to call for help in life; removing the weight they have put unto themselves, untie all of it and release it; to start over.  Whether it be phoning for a tow truck or a friend offer a gesture of kindness because they only now maybe beginning again.

Temper tantrum with the universe may show up in different ways.  A blown gasket, empty gas tank or simply not accepting the best for yourself.  Remember the next time you put your hazards on the check engine light goes on, ask yourself, what can I release that no longer serves me.  Where can I start again?  Where can I ask for help

enjoy each and every moment you get to stand tall, take a deep breath and release ALL that does not serve you.

~enjoy this day

screaming gratitude


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