the day my malas broke

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya . sit with friends. sit with family. sit with yourself and connect deep inside to the peace that dwells there.

Of course there has to be a post about the day my mala’s broke.  The same mala’s that I have worn on my wrist since my yoga teacher training.  The mala’s that I pray with, I chant with, that accompany me where ever I go.  Each bead containing a memory, a prayer, a connection to the bigger picture.  A connection to the divine. to inspiration. to gratitude and most importantly to myself.

I have a few different sets of mala’s that I wear but these guys, these were the guts of my adornments for a great while.  They had seen the mess more times than not.  They accompanied me through quite a few tough lessons.  I thought I might sob when they broke.  I thought they might go rolling and flying all over zip zam doo when they broke, but they didn’t.  All that followed was silence.  It was early morning and as the thread broke, I gently placed them into a small satchel and tucked them inside my bag and carried on with my routine.  I felt a sigh of relief.  I felt the connections strengthen.  I felt stronger than ever before.

Now I carry my mala’s with me.  Occasionally I adorn my wrists with another sacred set, but I lovingly keep each memory in my heart.  A lesson as I enter into this new day, all is temporary; nothing is permanent.  Release all attachments, for we know not when they may leave us.

I remember the questions I asked myself when I first received my mala’s, ‘what if it’s just me, that can’t keep it together; what if it’s too much for me to take?‘  The guidance I received from my belief in their purpose, to guide me, to protect me, to remove any doubt that I am infinite, eternal and whole, has proven to be a powerful gift.  thank you.

enjoy this day my friends

find peace in the small things

find hope in what brings YOU joy

~enjoy all things

screaming gratitude


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