let’s ‘just’ get real


Photo by Sarah Dufresne

I do miss the green leaves, flowers and blades of grass. Spring will be here soon enough. Time for reflection before the transformation.

let’s get real for the moment, shall we.

I strive in every moment, every word, even when I find myself talking to no one but myself, to demolish-delete-abolish- the word ………’just’.  Even now while I am writing this I find myself wanting to use the word, just.

let’s ‘just’ get real for the moment, shall we.

Have you ever tried cultivating awareness on a small-scale, to build confidence to cultivate awareness in a much bigger way?  In order to build that confidence I first started with an intention, started small and allowed it to expand however it wanted to expand.  For example, how to be NOT aware of your finger, let’s say, after you get a paper-cut.  You choose not to put a band-aid on it and return to your typical routine.  Again and again you hit it, poke it, prod it as you try to ignore it and carry on.  It becomes frustrating, exhausting and time-consuming.  How can I shift my attention around such a miniscule thing, when it continues to interrupt my present moment.  Realizing exactly how little energy it takes to be aware, to pay attention, in turn noticing simultaneously how much energy it takes to be present.

If you put it into that perspective of starting small, it can take you a lot of ambition, drive and commitment to cultivate awareness.  Let’s start small, language.  A word, any word that you can heighten your awareness of, be aware of how you use it, how often, why it fits, the meaning you give it, I’m (just) sayin’.  Notice over time, your awareness about this word, notice a shift perhaps, an intention, reshaping of how it is defined by you.

Now let’s bring that similar awareness to the physical level. Posture.  Hands.  Feet.  You name it.  Again watch how your awareness expands and shifts.  A redefining of the parameters of your physical body.

For the last ten years or so I have been paying attention to my feet when I brush my teeth.  Morning and night, when I find myself standing stationary at my bathroom sink, I pay attention to my feet.  Noticing how I stand, noticing the weight on my feet, and I simply create a heightened sense of awareness of my feet during this time of day.  Five years ago, I was driving hours upon hours each day long distances, so I became aware of my posture while I was driving.  Soon after my awareness shifted to my knees specifically, while I was driving.  As my awareness began to strengthen I expanded further into different areas of my physical body, my mental body, and now my energetic body.

It was thru cultivating awareness during certain times of my day that allowed me to strengthen my sense of being, my sense of being mindful.  A commitment I took on to being mindful in my everyday.  Beyond not only my language, physical body, and energetic body,  I have found thru the connecting and really digging in that there are many gifts to the practice.  As I move through these layers of awareness I feel as though I can more easily bring this mindfulness into every moment.


cultivate awareness somewhere small and watch it expand into something beautiful tomorrow,

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


2 responses to “let’s ‘just’ get real

  1. Love this! Just is a word I am working on removing from my vocabulary, being very mindful of my language. That is my goal for this week, mindful speaking. Perfect post for me to read today. Being aware and present is indeed something beautiful.

    • it is amazing when you set an intention the power it can have over you! I have such a strong aversion to the word ‘just’ that it rarely if ever passes my lips. cultivating awareness, honing that skill takes much patience and efforts, I commend you for giving it a go!

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