marinating in gratitude

Good morning!

A fresh new day. A fresh perspective. I started my day today with the Aad Guray invocation.  Imagining myself surrounded in white light.  It has been almost 2 months away from this platform and even so I feel the strongest pull of gratitude stronger than ever before.

There has been many changes, shifts and transformations of heart over the past few months.  I stand in awe every moment for the abundance of resources, connection and power I have found within my voice.  I listen. I sing. I hear and feel myself deeply rooted to the earth.

Each day there is newness, fresh perspective and I am grateful.  I find gratitude in everything I do.  Over the past few months I have been seeking ways in which to find more gratitude and asking how abundance shows up in my life!  There is much more to LIFE than sunshine and cups of tea to be grateful for.  I am finding that through change, loss, mindfulness, integrity and honesty that there is enormous resources of gratitude to be discovered within myself.


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