after returning from an amazing weekend of self-care, exploration, feeding my yoga body on every level, I have landed home to find myself within a new alignment.  I took an adventure into the world of assisting with a dear friend, soul-sister and brilliant teacher on this path of yoga.  I am mesmerized by the tools of yoga that can easily be utilized both on and off the mat in the art of assisting.  this morning as I sat outside with my four puppies I began to explore my practice and what arose was very different from what I was expecting.

when I previously thought of alignment and deepening into a posture, I associated it with folding deeper, surpassing an edge, and far-reaching beyond compassion for my own body; nothing at all about alignment.  I defined alignment as a place that a student could not obtain without the help of someone else……NOW, I see clearly.  I see alignment as beauty, connection, ease and grace…..a place of complete integrity with each layer of my ‘body’ that carries this soul.  Everybody and every body has a different alignment.  This brings a renewal of the relationship I have with my own body today.

I deeply feel the sway to and from my center.  I am conscious of the multitude of habits of mis-alignment that show up throughout my day; means in which I disconnect, distract and avoid being truly present; physical and emotional.  I witness all that is possible within this divine machine my soul resides.  I yearn for the re-alignment of myself to continue to connect to what is most important….simply being in my body; physically and emotionally.

as I take in the awareness of my physical body I begin to see how alignment has much more depth and layer than I ever could have imagined. alignment of my physical body plays an important role in how I show up in LIFE!  alignment of my emotional, energetic and spiritual body plays an important role in how I LIVE my life!

in a lifetime we may experience a desire to find our home, to ‘fit-in’ with expectations of society, our families and most importantly ourselves.  I long to connect with the deeper experience of what this life is all about, my purpose, my dharma.  in order to connect with my truth I must make mistakes, ask questions, explore the mess, the misalignment, in order to redeem the lessons the universe has to offer me so I can come back into an intentional alignment on every level.

It is in the misalignment that I learn all my lessons.  It is in the coming back into alignment that I take in the wisdom of what feels good in my body.

as i find myself in the warm breeze and sunshine this morning, the birds dancing all around me, I drop into my center.  I can feel my own alignment, I can easily tell if I am grounded or floating up inside the clouds.  I can feel when I am leaning and compensating to avoid sensation or suffering.  I seek an alignment that feels good. life is an ever evolving place and there are so many layers of alignment that evolve as well.  i wish to explore alignment of self, alignment of body, spirit and soul without any hesitation.


enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


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