everyone is waiting

IMG_0675the muse.

she used to drive with her convertible top down.

here, she works.  why she flows as she does. enormous at times. small and quiet others, I will never know.

some days she longs for the wind in her hair, across her fingertips and other days she allows no light near her.  dark, cold and empty dreamer.

today she feels expansive.  breathe I hear her say.

be your fullest expression now my dear.  stand up, raise your chest and drop your shoulders.  (of course my muse gives physical cues) soften your smile and allow yourself to let go of any holding.

today my muse reminded me of how incredibly lucky we are to exist in this universe.

how lucky we are to get to live A life….THIS life!  at no cost to us.

we wake up. we unconsciously breathe in and out.  all of our parts go on ahead without any cues to duplicate, develop, shift and change as best fit.  we produce, we react, we accommodate LIFE.

again, at no cost to us.

each day I feel as though I learn an unspoken secret, to be grateful.  to be grateful for all of it.  because nothing is promised, nothing is controllable, nothing is here forever.

if i have no instructions in this LIFE but only to cherish every minute;  if i know nothing but only to LOVE;  why am I not living my LIFE this way?

often times it appears as if everyone is waiting for an experience that will pull them back into the womb.  the experience that will remind them how temporary and how delicate this physical vessel really is.

everyone is waiting for a reason to live, or not.

we make everything happen.  whether it is right now or 15 years from now.  we create ripples in this ocean of LIFE.

create a ripple of gratitude.  cherish every minute you get to breathe in and out, smile, wonder and inquire.

THIS life is magical.  Too often we forget how incredible it really is.  don’t wait.

enjoy THIS day NOW!

~screaming gratitude


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