you are moments from a miracle





Monday morning tea-cup back in full force.  This mornings tea-cup proved to be one I am grateful for, remembering grace.

I awoke this morning experiencing all of LIFE and the presence of grace so delicately resting by my side…..and my cowboy boots still on my feet. Making miracles and crushing fears can sometimes tucker a girl out, but I know as I look down at my toes, I smile and accept that the universe gives me everything I need.

Life has been FULL!  Full of magic, miracles and dreams.

Have you ever witnessed grace?  ever seen the beautiful moment when grace lands, makes contact and shifts everything?

when grace is present, I move slower. when grace is present, my eyes glisten, I literally sparkle.  and most of all I find myself drawing my hand slowly and placing it over my heart.  unsure of what is guiding me, unsure of where I begin and the experience ends.  I lay my hand as gently as I would upon a baby, a newborn animal, the most delicate piece of universe resting under my palm, and settle into the softness.  the moment of impact when my hand lands on my chest, over my heart, there is an instant of grace that occurs inside of me.  there is a shift.  I can feel my cells open, burst and surge with all of the star-dust that we are made up of.  all rises to the surface inside.  the lights become brighter. my smile becomes bigger.

each day I begin, I seek out that sparkle.  I create a solid foundation of gratitude, a safe space of ease to return to and the constant inquiry into the unknown.

a new day starts from the moment an intention is set.  with intention there becomes a drive, an ambition to feel that grace present in your life, to experience all of it, as much as you can.

we may not all be here forever but all that has created us may be.

this monday mornings intention, “i am ever grateful to be fully ALIVE today.  I am ever grateful to have all of my needs met in abundance right NOW.  I am forever grateful that I rest within the creation of the unknown, the universe and all the miracles I could ever imagine.’

what a FULL day today will be!  maybe I’ll remember to sleep without my cowboy boots on tonight!

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


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