meditation, breakfast, laundry


Photo by Sarah Dufresne


6am raindrops and a soft hum inside the four walls of my bedroom. outside i hear the birds singing and the drops of rain splatting on the pavement. the sounds remind me of the music i hear at a spa, laying on a massage table, draped in warm white cotton sheets, my eyes soft and body warm. there is a peace about the morning that no other part of the day can replicate. most mornings i can accomplish more than my share of tasks. this mornings ambition fueled 3 loads of laundry, meditation, cuddling with my puppies, and cookery for my week ahead. i am a morning person, this is true. i enjoy the ease of the morning and i find myself inspired by the possibility in stillness. the quote ….’ask yourself if what you are about to say or do is an improvement upon the silence….’ i relish in the flow of a new morning and accomplishing a life’s work before the sun even rises.

the lines of ambition, this morning they are ones of inspiration. i feel as though the momentum in LIFE is at a great pace, the waves of LIFE are abundant but as always, there are many teachers. i am recognizing the comfort and safety i feel within my own body this morning. ‘come as you are’ Pema Chodron says. i feel confident and strong. i feel radiant and sure. self-LOVE is on the rise. arms are outreached and taking in all the inspiration i feel on mornings such as this one. this mornings’ ambition gives me permission to accept everything as it is.

find the rhythm and flow of your LIFE. accept each moment as it comes to you. accept yourself as you are. your pants might fit a little more snug, your bangs may fall exactly so, but the mascara always smudges and your nail polish is chipped. embrace whomever you are in THIS moment. present and peaceful. ambitious and productive. slow and steady. still and curious. you are perfect as you are.

enjoy THIS day
~screaming gratitude


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