9-letter word for ocean


overflows,  bountiful, unselfish…..


Monday morning started off with a cup of warm water, a pup snuggled on my lap and a crisp new crossword.  i have enjoyed a good crossword for as far back as i can remember. my grandmother used to cut them out of the local newspaper and mail them to me while i was away at school in reno awhile back.  there is something about a blank canvas of words, puzzles, questions that i can really nestle in to.  this morning i decided to do the crossword while sitting at my desk.  working on proper alignment, I find myself propped upon a block, the healthy alignment of my body allow me to better stay focused for full day of writing.  as i filled in each box of letters i glanced down at my desk and directly under my newspaper lay a document i had written up a year ago and taped to the corner of my desk.  i chuckled and moved my newspaper aside.


Step 1: Finances         Step 2: Physical & Mental health          Step 3: Work/Career

Step 4: Time/Life Management      Step 5: Relationships

Step 6: Emotions/Integration          Step 7: Celebrate/Contribute

i smile and softened back into my seat.  i forget my own words, my own struggles, my own advice, often.  i take care of the people in my LIFE with great honor.  i used to always run out of fuel before i had the chance to take care of myself.  a few years ago i decided that my time, my LIFE was a priority and i began to get clear about what i wanted and how best to make it happen, through self-care.  I decided to be my own LIFE coach.  I decided that listening to my own wisdom, integrating the lessons I had learned from my LIFE was my opportunity for self-care.  the best part was that i got to make my own rules.  thinking back now i remember asking myself, ‘how can I live in abundance? how can I have everything I want and everything I never knew I wanted?’

and that’s where gratitude showed up….

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude



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