good morning….i see YOU

mornings tunes for ya……

monday morning tea-cup.

i can tell it’s gonna be a good day. i can tell it’s gonna be a good day.

each day i wake up i thank the universe that i am alive. i then roll forward into my day seeking out as many moments, teachers, opportunities, challenges and connections. gratitude becomes present.  even within moments I did not think it was possible.

lately i have been taking a few minutes out of my day to stand in front of a mirror and sing myself this song…..

(*best practices of self-care reason # 1….sing fun love songs to yourself in front of the mirror daily! with lipstick on! ;)….take note….)

self-LOVE is important.  it ranks pretty high on my list of must-do’s.

how do you start your day?

how do you practice self-LOVE?

it is always nice to get a reminder that we are all in this together.  we are all screaming at the top of our lungs, singing along to our favorite song while we drive in the car.  we seek out smiles and good morning’s just because it helps us to be seen. we too, well I too, am like you, probably exactly like you….wanting to be seen and loved.

come clean with yourself. be honest with yourself. instead of making everything pretty, be real.  have fun. smile, a lot. A LOT! share LOVE often. A LOT. laugh at yourself. enjoy the ride.

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude with a lil’ sass today! 😉





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