you express LOVE, but do you RECEIVE love?


as much as it is important to express LOVE.  it is equally important to be able to receive LOVE.

within the confines of intimacy lies a few separate definitions….

  1. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.
    “the intimacy between a husband and wife”
    • a private cozy atmosphere.
      “the room had a peaceful sense of intimacy about it”
    • an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse.
      synonyms: sexual relations, (sexual) intercourse, sexlovemakingMore

to feel your emotions from inside your body. to feel the sensations that occur within your body through different experiences in LIFE is key to learning about your deeper self.

over and over again I get into my vehicle.  i push the pedal on the floor that accelerates my speed to take me on adventures.  i set an intention to be present before i leave my home, while i am traveling and again once i arrive.  i am constantly reminding myself to be present.  in fact the reminder is often what allows me to be present, it is what removes me from the cycle of thoughts circling around in my mind, and keeps me within my body.  when i arrive at my destination i do whatever it is within my power to create a safe, nurturing environment for others.  i give only my best self to those around me.  i am sure to stay balanced and grounded. i position myself to ensure a calm mind.  i express my most authentic self. i step in, step out, a balance of giving.  i share who i am when i feel supported.

knowing all of this. knowing what it is that i do to make sure the environment suits others.  i ask myself this question…..what do i need from others?  what is it that i need to be able to express my most authentic self?  what is it that i need to feel safe, to feel grounded. what support do i demand?  i begin to explore the intimate relationship with self.

at one point, on a day.  not on any particular day. not on the hour. nor on a Monday, or the first of the month even.  it was about quarter to or half past some number hour when I realized a truth in LIFE that was holding me back. I realized that there is no value in the strength of the walls i have built around myself.

today  i continue to explore the intimate relationship i have with self. i explore what my needs are and how to best meet them. i explore the balance of living a life authentically and without fear. i examine the closeness i feel with myself and others as well as the distance i feel with myself and others.

life is the inquiry……how do you discover?

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude


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