moving into this moment…into the NOW



i move into a new day today.  i offer the intention of being, having presence for myself and the space around me.  i carry myself in the softest, most tender, intimate way.  exploring what it means to be in relationship with myself.  what it means to witness, observe myself moment to moment.  listening intently to my language-ing, the stories i tell and spin.  diving in each moment a sensation arises adjacent to a trigger, judgement.  tracing each thread back to its beginning.

how do i show up?

spending much time in my mind, believing, projecting, perceiving a way of living, a way of being. overworking the muscle of fear, judgement and self-doubt……… work in progress

standing on the outside, peering inside at all the people, witnessing all the unsaid between one another.  a longing arises deep inside.  i feel incomplete. separation of us and them. me and you. together and apart.

forgetting for a brief moment that we are all connected. we are all one. we are all perfect as we are.  come as you are…… in progress

i keep my eyes soft, easy and gentle.  what beautiful discoveries will i make within the confines of this day.  what beautiful discoveries can i learn about myself.

always breathing…..always a work in progress.

i long for the day that our stories burn up and turn into piles of ash.  i long for the day that achievements, certificates, deeds, check books cease to exist.  i long for the day when all is stripped down, bare boned and all that we see is radiant light. finally able to surrender to the perfection we are.  to all that we are. all that we can be. all that we will become.

stop holding onto your gifts. release them like a bird ready to fly. let it take to the sky. let it learn and grasp and dip and soar.  feel the wind under its’ wings. feel the dew drops of tears meet the creases of their eyes.

stop and let go.  simply let go………work in progress

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


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