and then this happened….

every springtime i am in awe of the sunsets.  each evening the colors across the sky; the sun’s radiance; the light of the moon as the sun tucks itself behind the trees; i am in awe.

in the space that i sleep every evening the sun provides me with a gift, a perfect sunset.


as the sun begins to set high up above the trees, i sit in front of my window and trace the branches and their far-reaching arms.  all tangled in one another.  the sun peaks through all of the cracks and crevices. the sun drapes it radiance on everything.


as the sun lowers, it becomes easier to see the earth moving. slowly. i feel the earth beneath me spinning within the universe.  i cannot help but close my eyes and recall all the times i have shared this exchange with the sun.  the glow. the radiance. my eyelids warmed, full of orange light.


the earth spins, the sun moves on,  sinking deeper and deeper away from my sight.

each day i am reminded of how many miracles there really are.  how can anyone not see the beauty in the sun?

grateful for this moment

enjoy THIS day,

~screaming gratitude


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