Self-love revolution #3


….grab your journal. take 5 minutes to yourself. sit. be still. begin to write. keep writing, and keep writing, write for the entire 5 minutes. don’t let your pen leave the page. talk about life, love, struggle and success. write whatever comes to you. empty it all out onto the pages. listen to your monkey mind run wild. put it all on the page. feel the weight lift. feel your shoulders soften, your face and brow relax. discover what is beneath your day. discover what is really going on that you were never asked today. share what it is that you needed today. share what you most wanted to say but didn’t have the chance. allow your heart to open. share the moments you remember from this day. the beauty, the pause, the ease…..but share the struggle too. share the frustrations, the short bursts of anger throughout the course of your day. get it all out onto the page. forgive.  forgive yourself and everyone you came in touch with today, and even those you did not. find love inside of yourself, it’s at the deepest level. it’s what makes up your DNA.

when you finish close your journal and give yourself space. go back to it in a few weeks, months or year even. look back upon what your day was like, what your mind kept busy circling around. did you carry LOVE throughout your day. can you?

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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