Self-love revolution #4


….day-dream. lay in the grass, look up at the clouds. lay in your bed and gaze up at the ceiling or out your window. wonder. allow yourself the time to be still and dream. wonder what is out there beyond the stars, beyond the sky. wonder, breathe, be still, find pause and really be in your body. close your eyes and notice where in your body attention is needed.  place your hand there. feel the pulse. feel the energy or movement. allow yourself to settle deeper into the ground, into whatever is beneath you. take in a deep breath, watch your chest rise. the chest that contains your heart. the heart that beats, the heart that keeps you alive. on your next breath expand so deep your chest opens more, fill the entire space inside your chest with your heart. close your eyes. as you continue to breath imagine your breath continuing to expand your heart. imagine your heart expanding inside of you, outside of you, all around you. imagine the arms of your heart stretched far and wide. imagine your heart touching everything around you.

now as you imagine your heart fully expanding, imagine all the LOVE you have in your heart stretched out far and wide too. see the colors of your LOVE. feel the space in your chest. feel the expansion of your heart, of all of your LOVE, of all of YOU.

carry this through your day. with each breath and pause be reminded of the capacity of your own heart.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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