Self-love revolution #7


…watch a movie. grab your favorite blanket. snuggle up in your favorite chair or place on the couch. press play and allow yourself to be enveloped by the film. watch as if for the first time. settle your shoulders down, get comfortable and relax. make it easy to enjoy the quiet and stillness. nothing else to do and nowhere to go. no one else to be but yourself.  allow everything else to fall to the side. be present. enjoy this moment….. and this one…. and this one!  what does it feel like to be YOU?  is being you joyful, is it exciting….is it easy?  in each of the ways you take care of you, in each of the ways you show yourself LOVE where do you feel that in your body?  perhaps say thank you. perhaps be respectful of your physical body and offer it time to rejuvenate, snuggle and cuddle.  allow there to be space and time for nothing. for nothing at all.  allow yourself to be in a space of comfort and really soak it up. love yourself more today.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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