Self-love revolutoin #8


….sleep. no better way to care for yourself than to take a nap. rest. be still. stop moving your body and allow yourself to feel steady. steady all of yourself. your body, heart and mind. allow everything to settle. allow your mind to catch up.  lie however you choose. be soft with yourself. tender. really drink up every second of this time as when you were an infant. cradle yourself. care for yourself. nurture yourself. allow this time to recharge you, to fill you up, rejuvenate. take this time as if it were your only chance to rest ever again, really nestle into your pillow and blankets. wrap yourself in warmth and love. let go……..let go, let go, let go. surrender and be. this is a great way to show yourself love. a great way to take care of you.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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